How to Choose a Good Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is an excellent investment as it maximizes comfort while working, increasing overall productivity in addition to enhancing mental health. Ergonomic chairs are different from ordinary office chairs in that they are intended specifically for productivity and comfort in the workplace. Couches and lounge chairs may be comfortable for relaxing with a book, but they are not designed for sitting up and working for hours and using them or ordinary desk chairs can lead to long-term back issues, chronic pain, and an overall negative work experience.

Ergonomic chairs are designed with research backed by the most leading science in productivity, and unlike ordinary chairs, they are adjustable for individual needs and preferences.

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What to Consider

Selecting an affordable ergonomic chair isn’t always an easy task as they possess many different features, and prices can vary. Most fall between $200-$800, which may seem like a lot, but if you choose carefully, they are worth the investment. While the features of ergonomic chairs can differ greatly from chair to chair, here are the main features that should be considered when picking an ergonomic chair.

Seat Width

The seat should be wide enough to allow for enough room for the user to sit comfortably with some extra space on the side of the thighs and his without being so spacious that the arms need to stretch to reach the armrests. Standard ergonomic chairs have a seat width of 17-20 inches, providing more space than ordinary chairs.

Seat Depth

The chair should not be so deep that the user’s knees are still on it. There should be an inch or two free between the seat and knees. High-end ergonomic chairs feature sliding seats, which allow for adjustment depending on height and desk depth.

Back Support

The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and improper posture while sitting can have long-term damage and result in chronic back pain. Good ergonomic chairs have a curved backrest to mimic the flow of the spine and concave curves that allow for more even weight distribution.

Backrests tend to be between 12 and 19 inches wide, and good ones will allow for the reclining degree to be adjusted for the weight and height of the user. For most body types, reclining between 110-130 degrees is ideal since sitting at a 90-degree angle can put too much weight on the lower spine.


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Depending on your office space, you may or may not need to move your chair frequently. If this is the case, the weight and height of the chair should be considered, and it’s probably a good idea to measure the height of the desks and tables you use on a regular basis to ensure the chair is neither too tall nor short.

The wheels of the chair should also be of high quality so that they don’t damage the floor and are less likely to break. The ability to rotate the chair is also something to consider, as frequent movement can increase blood flow and allows for more flexibility. However, the chair should have a good stable base with at least five stokes to keep it from rolling around.


Everyone’s individual needs are different, so it’s important to have a chair that is right for your body. In good ergonomic chairs, the height of the chair itself height, as well as the height of the armrests and seats, should be adjustable as well as the angle of the backrest. Higher-quality chairs will also feature an adjustable headrest, which is ideal when sitting for long periods of time so that the neck doesn’t become strained.


Softer, cushioned seats offer more comfort when sitting for long periods of time and are preferable to wood or metal. Having a chair with a mesh backrest is also ideal as it allows for more air circulation and won’t be as sweaty. 

The Right Chair For You

There are lots of good ergonomic chairs out on the market, but ultimately, every office space is different, and bodies are diverse. The right ergonomic chair for me might not be the right ergonomic chair for you. Luckily, there are plenty of options, and with these helpful hints, finding the right ergonomic chair is within reach.

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