How to Become a Freelance Writer Without Experience

If you don’t have a lot of experience in writing, you can easily showcase your writing samples through social media accounts. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a Google Docs account and share your writing samples there.

Linkedin is also a great place to showcase your writing samples. Not only Linkedin but via Cannibals Media you can learn about other sites which can help to get freelance jobs for beginners. If you want to add a little depth to your writing, you can include images on your profile page.

Become a Freelance Writer

Social media accounts

The best place to find writing work is on Instagram, where the algorithm rewards consistency and regular posting. If you’re new to this method, there are still some things you should keep in mind. Facebook groups are an underrated source of new writing jobs. Join groups for small business owners and industry leaders, comment on questions or topics of interest and be sure to avoid advertising your services. However, the more you post, the more likely your followers will see your post and contact you for writing work.


If you want to become a freelance writer without experience, the best way to start is to create a profile on Upwork. This website is quicker and easier to use than traditional freelance job sites, and there are tons of jobs available there. You can also post-professional clips and client testimonials to attract potential clients. Upwork has many features that help improve client selection and increase the number of invitations you receive.

Unlike traditional freelance job sites, Upwork is a marketplace where you can sell your skills to clients. You can choose from various assignments and select the topics that interest you the most. The site offers jobs in all types of writing, so it’s a good place to get started if you’re a beginner. You can even set up interviews directly through the website. The great thing about Upwork is that you can work with big brands and even make money.


If you don’t have any experience as a writer, you can start making money on Fiverr. This site allows anyone to become a writer with very few entry requirements. You must only have a skill that people are willing to pay for, and you need to research it. Starting at a low rate can be helpful, as you can always adjust the pay once you have gained experience. You can also create Gigs by joining Facebook groups to network with other writers.

As a newbie, you must be patient, as this process will take time. Be prepared to accept rejection. Writing is a marathon, so it will take time to gain reputation and experience. However, Fiverr will reward your patience and dedication. Once you have mastered your skills and have risen to level one, you can start earning money on Fiverr. You can even make money from your home by writing for others.


If you have no experience or a low profile, there are a few ways you can build a profile as a freelance writer. One way to make your portfolio is by writing free sample articles. Many small businesses recruit freelance writers and post them on their websites. Another way to get noticed is by guest posting. Write articles for other websites or blogs to gain traffic and attract clients. Then, pitch your ideas to other publications.

A website can be created on several platforms, and most have a blog portion, which allows you to show your writing portfolio. One way to get noticed quickly is to select a niche. This niche can be as broad as the writing you wish to do or as specific as the industry you plan to work in. Use the hashtag #freelancewriter to promote yourself on popular online writing platforms to make your website stand out.

Price your services

While you may be tempted to charge an hourly rate as a freelance writer, you have to remember that your monthly living expenses are much larger than your income. This includes rent, utilities, car payments, credit card bills, entertainment, clothing, etc.

Even if you have no experience in writing, you can make money by charging a lower rate than you would if you were working a traditional job. Using a formula to calculate your hourly rate is essential. The first step in pricing your services as a freelance writer without experience is to think about the types of writing projects you can handle. 

Try to determine how many hours it will take to complete a specific task. Then, estimate how much each project will cost. For example, if you have three hours to write a blog post, you can charge $50 per hour. If you regularly write about the same subject matter, you may want to set a lower rate to gain more experience and build your portfolio.


One of the most important things you can do if you want to be a freelance writer is network. You can use various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to showcase your writing, and other websites such as Medium will pay you per article based on how many people view it. You can also use your website to network with people and publish your articles. As a freelance writer, your website will be your first line of defense, letting people know that you are a professional and can get the job done.

One of the first steps you should take when networking to become a freelance writer without experience is to price your services accordingly. Remember that you need to price your services fairly, especially if you’re a beginner. You can charge a set fee for a 500-word article or a set price for a three-hundred-and-fifty-page article. A good way to price your services is to have a menu of different packages for various writing projects. Remember not to charge per hour – unless you’re an established writer.

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