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Growing Old But Gold! 8 Hacks to Aging Healthily and Happily


Growing Old But Gold

No one ages backward. The only way humans grow is up and old. It’s a reality that nobody can deny but that seemingly everybody is sad about. How ironic because as kids, you are so excited and even in a hurry to become an adult, however, when you have become an adult, you deeply wish that you may go back to being a child again. You will understand that as your life transitions from stage to stage. But here’s something to carry as you go: Aging is something neither you nor anyone else can stop, but it’s something you can make the most out of. Here you can see growing old but gold! 8 hacks to aging healthily and happily.

All humans age. Every day, we all do. And it’s naturally and generally the same for all people to experience physical changes, like white hairs, wrinkles, and a less energetic body, over time. On another note, there’s a difference that lies in how each person experiences those changes, more so in how each one reacts to them. Some people grow old and less capable; some people grow old but more capable than ever. Growing old is part of our life’s indestructible reality, yet if you want to, you can grow old differently – like a youth! 

Find out how you can do that. Here are 8 hacks to aging healthily and happily.    

1 – Responsibly watch what you eat.

watch what you eat

It’s so fun to eat. Food gives you so much joy, especially if you’re someone who eats almost all kinds of food and who is not afraid to try new food! As you grow, you get to discover many more different foods, cuisines, desserts, and cooking styles – basically more food options – that keep you loving food! Nonetheless, being smart and disciplined is very important when it comes to eating.

Although food is a basic necessity, as everyone knows, the wrong food choices and the wrong food habits can lead to illnesses and diseases. Especially when you are aging, your body systems change in a way that you need to be more watchful of your eating. Why? Because if not, your blood pressure could rise, your sugar levels could shoot up, your joints could ache, and these and more can cause sickness or can already be their symptoms.  

Eat nutritious food. Make sure you consume the right amounts – neither too much nor too less. Avoid unhealthy foods and those that your doctor tells you to avoid. 

2 – No cigarette smoking.

No to cigarette smoking

Whatever age you are in right now, cigarette smoking is a no-no. In fact, no matter the age of smokers, cigarette smoking can make them look older than those who are actually older than them. That’s because cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals that deplete oxygen from the skin. This results in dwindling blood flow, which will eventually cause worn-down and wrinkled skin.

Yes, not only the lungs get gradually destroyed and killed but also the skin. Skin becomes older than old, and life becomes shorter than short when you smoke, so no to cigarette smoking!

3 – Care for your liver. Drink water instead. 

Drink water

Alcohol misuse is the best friend of cigarette smoking. These two make the worst combination ever.

Some people say they drink or depend on alcohol to make themselves happy, but they don’t think of the grave consequences they will face in the future, which will surely make their lives miserable. Extreme addiction to alcohol will (not just “can”) ruin your health. The basic effect will be a dry and sickly outer appearance. The most daunting result will be one or different kinds of liver diseases and disorders. 

Liver cells die every time the liver has to deal with plenty of alcohol that enters the body. Although new cells can form and grow again, the liver can deteriorate as time goes by and as alcohol misuse continues. Unfortunately, it can stop working properly. Horrible liver damage will happen. Huge liver problems can arise, such as alcoholic liver cirrhosis, liver hepatitis, and liver cancer. 

Care for your liver. Don’t abuse it. Nourish it. Live long. Grow old healthily and happily. Drink water instead. Drink healthy juices instead. 

4 – Schedule consultations with your physician.

 consultations with your physician

As you grow old, it would greatly help to know how your body is going. Schedule consultations with your physician, as you see fit. 

Attend general body checkups. This will let you know the state of your health. You need this to find out the changes that your body experiences as you grow old. Furthermore, this allows you to know whether or not it is possible for you to acquire the genetic health conditions that exist in your bloodline. This knowledge makes you prepared to detect them early and prevent or treat them as soon as possible. 

Consultations with your doctors make you miss out on nothing regarding your own health. Through them, you can monitor and manage your health more effectively. You can grow old healthily and happily!

5 – Take care of your skin.

Take care of your skin

The skin has been mentioned a few times earlier, but here’s its main event. Take care of your skin by eating foods that make you glow and hydrating yourself with clean water. Get enough proper sleep. Do not pop pimples and disturb acne when you have them. Avoid vices, namely those mentioned above. 

If you are using skin care products, see to it that they are compatible with your skin type. Do not just use any cosmetics you see or that celebs endorse. Not all of them are yours to utilize. Take advice from skin experts to know what’s best for you.

6 – Stand up, and stay active!

be active

Physical weakness is one of the major changes that people experience as they grow old. However, realize that some people encounter this even before very old age. That is an outcome of ignoring the importance of physical exercise and fitness.

As early as your age now, make it a habit to care for your physical health, not only by having a consistent skincare routine but also and especially by having a consistent lifestyle of exercise. Stand up, and stay active! Rather than sitting down with your gadgets all the time, get on that exercise equipment, and move!

Prevent those bones, muscles, and joints from becoming inelastic and rusty over time. Work them out. Sweat off. Jog around the neighborhood. Dance. Stretch. Play sports with the family. Exercise lets you grow old healthily and happily. That’s for sure! 

7 – Maintain your wholesome social life.

wholesome social life

No man is an island. You need your family, friends, and other loved ones as you grow old. The real ones are the ones you will be with through ups and downs, through the years. 

Maintain your wholesome social life. Have healthy communication. Keep your good family and friends close. Treasure them, and be thankful for their existence. Connect with them. Laugh together in times of laughter. Be there for them as they do for you. 

Enjoy life healthily and happily together with people who care for you and whom you care for too.

8 – Reflect, and connect with God.

connect with God

Of course, you always need time for yourself and with yourself. You need time to reflect and meditate on your own. You must have time to do that. 

Life is not just about school, work, or the things that you find cool and enjoyable. There’s an end to life on Earth, and another comes right after. Grow with a thriving spiritual life. Be connected to God. Make sure you stick with Him. That’s one of the best ways to grow old healthily and happily, with a sense of fulfillment and peace that cannot be taken away.


It’s amazing how some moms or dads of today actually don’t look like they’re already with children because of how young they seem. It’s also fantastic how some elderly people look younger than their age because of their glistening youthfulness. These are the exact moments when you get the urge to say, “Age is indeed just a number!”

You cannot stop time and pause your aging, but you can go with the flow while you do your best to remain youthful and vivacious! Growing old is nothing to be sad about because that means you are continuously being blessed with a dear life with dear loved ones around you. It’s something to be thankful for, 24 hours every day. 

Growing old in the best way possible is something to add to your bucket list, regardless of where you are in the stages of human development. Grow old but gold!.so this is all about growing old but gold! 8 hacks to aging healthily and happily.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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