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Get your home Pest Prevention: The Methods of Pest Control

Pest means trouble and therefore the prevention steps must be top-notch. There is no doubt about the fact that growing the food grains is possibly the most vital process for the survival of humans. However, one of the crucial and uncompromising things to be performed is the protection and security of the food grain and the yield by performing proper pest control treatments. This leads to increased prevention of pest attacks and removal threats for us all.

Methods of Pest Control

Pest attacks are hazardous

The primary focus for the sake of the protection of the food grains in the warehouse must be given to the pest attack. Pest attacks are the damage caused by the animals like rats, flies, ants, cockroaches, bugs, birds, insects and so on. The level of the damage and the loss can be variable in magnitude depending upon the type of pest and the time they got to perform damage. This can lay the heavy financial losses and can cause diseases ranging from mild ailments to the fatal impact resulting in death. The scope of pest attacks usually occurs when there are favourable conditions for them to survive majorly like water, food or shelter.

Pest Prevention

Well, looking after this serious issue there are several innovative and effective ideas came about to escape the fear of the pest attack which is called pest prevention. One of the best pest control techniques is checking the grain warehouses regularly. This is the finest way of avoiding the pest from causing damage to the grains.

One must eliminate the presence of the favourable factor for the pest survival like water, food and shelter which is another effective way of pest prevention. The grains must be stored in closed containers to eradicate the remotest possibility of damage. Other than this the garbage must be regularly cleared out to get the best results for the pest control. Not to mention that the supervision can be made easy if the warehouses are less sophisticated in their structure.

Methods of the Pest Control

The methods for pest control can be classified into three categories called physical, chemical, and biological. Anyhow lets us discuss the same below in more detail:

  • Physical Method: The thing to be performed in this technique is already mentioned above. Which includes the active participation of humans to supervise the grain for the elimination of pest attacks. It essentially includes the proper maintenance of the hygiene in the warehouse and the design of the warehouse. Elimination of the favourable conditions of the pest, using the best containers. And careful and keen participation to avoid the pest.
  • Biological Method: In this method of pest control, one uses the harmless animal as food grains to prevent the animals. Which are harmful to the food grains. Not to mention that the animal can be in any form. Be it a parasite, pathogen or even the weeds to fulfil the purpose. There is the active participation of the biological entity.
  • Chemical Method: In this method, the chemicals are used to reach the purpose and are very effective. The least human labour is required to do so. And no frequent supervision is required for the same. However, some mild chemicals are also available in the market which effectively work for pest control and on the same hand leave the food grain safe for consumption.

Methods of Pest Control

Now we know that the physical and biological techniques are effective. Mostly for the protection of food grain on the small scale. Not to mention that sometimes one can recognise the pest attack but, in some cases. One must opt for the help of professionals for the identification of the same. Well, the strong suit of this pest control method is that it does not involve the usage of harmful chemicals which can impact human health.

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