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How To Write The Best Hilarious Funny Comment On Friend Pic?

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How do you feel if someone commented on your pictures or posts on Facebook, and the comments have many likes even more than your pictures or posts?

No one wants because you want your image or post to be focused. But what if it’s the opposite, you comment on a friend’s pic or post on Facebook and all attention is on your comment?

What if you finally have more like your comments than the picture or post that you comment on? Do you want to see more likes on your social media page? Do you want to ensure all the attention?

If yes, then you should be able to give funny comments that will make people laugh continuously, you know nothing feels better than that! One way to get all the likes you want is to be funny.

Top Funny Comments To Post On Friend Pic

Here we have mentioned some hilarious and top funniest comments on friends pic who will make you prefer and react wow:

  • Although I understand that you are sensitive, I am Sensodyne to all your feelings.
  • While people are people, my fellows are truly fellows.
  • You make me laugh. You laugh. You weep. You cry. You leap off a very high cliff. I shout, “Do a turn!”
  • I hope you can dance like nobody’s watching because they are taking selfies.
  • People are like Oreos. The best stuff is inside.
  • Friends can come and go like the waves of an ocean, but true friends stay like an octopus on the face.
  • I don’t know which is tighter, our friendship or our jeans.
  • We will be the trouble-making old ladies in the nursing home.
  • A tall girl always needs a shorter best friend.
  • It was an adventure that I saw as soon as I saw your face.
  • Friends knock at the door, best friends enter your home and begin to eat.
  • Do you allow me to take your photo? I just like taking pictures of natural disasters.
  • If you cannot make me thin, please GOD, make my friends slim.
  • Boys will remain boys so long as there aren’t any girls in the photo.

Let’s talk if you want to type funny Comments for your friends and your special ones, then in this list, you will get the very best comments which you can use to comment for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and someone’s comment section.

Bottom Line

So friends, in this blog post you will find very funny comments for friends’ pic for Facebook Instagram because many people use Facebook and Instagram nowadays and it is a common thing that your funny Facebook comments on photos and fire can make the meaning viral.

These are some funny comments that you can use to comment on a friend’s post, and other images on social media. All comments are unique and new that will help you impress people with the honor of commenting on you.

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