Flowers – The Harbinger of Joy and Love


“Flowers are like friends as they bring colours to your world.”

Flowers are nurturers, food and cure for the soul. They not only brighten up one’s mood instantaneously but also help in combating stress.  In today’s world, stress has taken the better of human life. Various research works show that the very sight of flowers aids emotional well being. According to Wakefield Research, 68 per cent of people feel stressed on a weekly basis while 32 per cent are stressed regularly. It has been stated that the presence of flowers at homes has resulted in a significant decrease in the stress level, anxiety and agitation within a few days. Flowers have the magical capacity to instil a sense of satisfaction about life in our hearts and also make us feel connected to nature.

Flowers bring calm to your soul

The moment someone enters a room, the very sight of flowers can also make space all the more welcoming. You can send flowers to Hyderabad to your loved ones to generate positive feelings and spread smiles. Flowers bring a ray of hope in any circumstance. During the ongoing pandemic covid 19, several organisations have taken up the initiative of giving flowers to the frontliners like doctors or nurses. They also offered flowers to the people battling the deadly virus all alone with no final words to hear, no hands to hold on to or no final goodbyes to look forward to. Despite the trying times, flowers have brought a smile to the faces of the people in despair. It is a heartwarming way of saying that this harrowing phase will pass by and we will emerge victorious in the end.

How do flowers help in times of despair? 

COVID-19 has made the world come to a standstill. Since we cannot meet our loved ones in these trying times, sending flowers can be a great way of reaching out. It is a great way to show that your loved ones are in your thoughts. A family in California is leaving flowers at the doorstep of people in the pursuit to spread love and happiness. Michelle McClain was three months pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her community stood by her struggle and often dropped food or flowers as a strong hand of support. The McClain family was overwhelmed and wanted to spread the love they received in the tough times. Now they leave flowers along with kind notes on the doorsteps of random people to bring in a smile on people’s faces in these trying times of the pandemic.

The colour characteristics of flowers have varied impacts on emotional health. For example, except for love and romance, red flowers are known to energise people who are ill, exhausted or have undergone surgery. Sending orange flowers portrays optimism while yellow flowers encourage communication and invoke radiant feelings. Blue flowers bring in the much needed calm to your mind while violet flowers uplift your mood. White flowers, on the other hand, are a sign of purity and bring tranquillity. Various flowers and their myriad hues, therefore have diverse impacts on us.

Communicating through flowers is an art

Flowers can also help you communicate with your loved ones most effectively without the help of words. The art of speaking through flowers was introduced in the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden. Each flower had a meaning or significance attached to it. Lovers of the yesteryears had deep conversations through flowers like gerberas, roses and lilies. Floriography is the language known by flowers. Even the artists have resorted to the medium of floriography to depict the connotative messages of their works. This was the most effective medium of communication during the Victorian era which lasted from about 1837 to 1901. Floral communication was prevalent in platonic relationships during this era. Just like every other aspect of life, floral meanings have also undergone a change and evolved. But floriography continues to be culturally relevant even today. For example, red roses depict passion and romance, white roses signify innocence and purity while daffodils represent unrequited love. Poppy is primarily about remembrance, apple blossoms are given for wishing good luck to a loved one while Hydrangea is used to express gratitude When words seem superfluous, flowers seem to be the only effective medium of communication. It can strengthen your bond and can even make broken hearts. Whether it is compassion, condolence, appreciation, love, appreciation or encouragement, flowers can portray your emotions accurately. People can have an entire conversation through flowers.

Flowers ensure emotional wellbeing

When it comes to emotional well being, the power of flowers is truly unsurpassable. They have the magical capacity of improving our mental health. Certain flowers like lavender have great therapeutic qualities, as recognized by Romans. It has a calming influence and is used for bathing rituals. It relaxes the mind and keeps tension at bay. Chrysanthemums are known to chase away our anxieties, depression and blues owing to their colours and aroma. Red flowers like Ranunculus help you to focus and concentrate while flowers with blue stems such as Lisianthus are known to promote creativity and free flow of thoughts. Lack of sleep often disrupts our functionality. Jasmine lowers our stress level, brings in a sense of tranquillity and helps us to sleep. Owing to its bright and cheery spirit, daisies can help in psychological health. Peonies, the springtime flowers, are often found on bedside tables as they help the patients to feel better due to their bright and lush blooms.

Life is short and each moment is fleeting. It is thus very important to make the most of every moment and infuse happiness in the lives of people who make a difference in your life. Flowers offer immediate happiness and have the capacity to create intimate connections. Not just occasions, send flowers to the people who matter to you at least once a month, spread happiness and celebrate life to the fullest.

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