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Fashion Tips That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence


Despite what billboards are trying to tell you, fashion is not as much about expensive clothes and following trends as knowing what works for you and making the most of it. Almost like an art form, fashion is self-expression, and if your clothes don’t really represent you, something will always feel a tad off. The right ensemble, on the other hand, is empowering. Wear clothes that both look and feel good on you and you’ll be filled with self-confidence. Have a look at a few tips.

Declutter your closet

The first thing that you should do if you want to feel free and confident in your clothes gives your closet a thorough decluttering. Throw away or donate anything that you never wear. Clothes that no longer fit you or look unattractive on you are only taking up space, making you feel frustrated. Wearing that worn-out T-shirt you’ve had for 10 years will not make you feel confident. Save yourself and your nerves from having to dig through uninspiring clothes every morning and make room for your new, empowering wardrobe.

Identify your figure

As said, the key to a great look is knowing what works for you in particular. So, what you’ll need to do before getting down to shopping is determine what body type you have and look up what looks flattering on your particular form. So, take out your measuring tape and see where you stand. Pairing clothes in a way to create varying proportions and silhouettes can help you balance your figure and emphasize your best assets. Play around with different shapes: give some volume to your shoulders with puffy sleeves or elongate your legs with high-waisted skirts.

Form-fitting for confidence

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If you feel insecure about your form, it will show in your dressing habits. Wearing oversized will never truly “hide” what you intend to hide; it will just work against you. Try wearing more form-fitting pieces and you might just discover newfound confidence. This doesn’t have to mean tight clothes that show every curve. It simply means well-tailored pieces. Clothes that fit you like a glove are half the success, which is yet another reason to stop wearing those old pieces in your

Pick style inspirations

 closet that are too big or a tad too small on you.

Not everyone is born a fashionista, and failing to create your own style yourself can feel disheartening. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick to the same kind of outfit for the rest of your life. Instead, look for inspiration. This can be a particular person: a celebrity you’ve always considered well-dressed, or someone you know in real life. Take inspiration from them and start collecting ideas. Create a board on Pinterest and as the pictures pile up, you’ll be able to start seeing your general preferences and building a sense of fashion identity.

Keep comfort in mind

If you feel uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, how you’re feeling on the inside will show on the outside, too. However, you don’t have to pick between sides and sacrifice comfort for style. After all, you’ll feel the most confident in clothes that both look and feel good on you. So, keep practicality in mind when shopping, and don’t let shiny things distract you.

Accessories are key

Without accessories, even the most expensive outfit can look “naked.” One or two well-chosen pieces, on the other hand, can transform your ensemble and give it some personality. Changing up your accessories is thus a solid way to bring style even into your old outfits and make them feel new. At the same time, a carefully picked accessory can become somewhat of a style signature for you, and putting it on will make you feel like you’re owning any outfit. Add a belt to your dress to emphasize your waist, put on a scarf to add color to your outfit, or wear your heirloom jewelry for a unique touch. Make sure your accessories elevate your outfit by keeping them in great shape. Maintain your jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning solutions, and never let your shoes be dirty.

Use more color

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Colors are powerful style statements, and finding the right combinations will make you look vibrant. Colors are also emotionally charged and it’s important to wear the right ones for different occasions. It can be scary to try new shades, especially if your wardrobe mostly consists of the same neutrals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with neutrals, but finding the color that goes well with your hair and skin tone and makes you radiant will simply make you want to go out there and shine.

Be yourself

Ultimately, fashion is a form of self-expression, and you’ll never feel confident in someone else’s skin. So, your preferences shouldn’t take the backseat. Combine what you love with a few practical tips and find a middle ground that will feel personal and trendy at the same time. Try new things and be on the lookout for inspiration. Disregarding other people’s unsolicited opinions will not be easy, but learning that you will never be able to please everyone can be very liberating in your fashion journey.

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