Fashion Hacks for the On-the-Go Woman


Life is busy these days for women. Whether you’re rushing to your next class, caring for a bunch of little, or staying on top of everything at work, you have a lot on your plate. But for many of us, we still want to look and feel good, even in the middle of the craziness. How can you keep your style fresh while on the go? These fashion hacks will help you create fabulous, fun outfits on the fly that make you feel great!

1. Simplify Your Wardrobe


We’ve all faced it before — the dreaded closet or wardrobe stuffed full of clothes. With so many options, it’s overwhelming to find something to wear.

If you’re stressed in the morning trying to dig through too many clothes, it may be time to simplify. Cutting down your wardrobe will help you hone in on your personal fashion and dress quickly and confidently.

Start by trying on each item in your closet and deciding which garments should stay. You should only keep clothes that fit you and make you happy. If you’re not sure about a piece, toss it in the “maybe” pile for now, and give it a few days. If you’re still on the fence, you can choose to keep it. Donate the rest to a local thrift shop, and you’ll feel ten times lighter. When your closet is curated and full of clothes you love, it’s easy to create fashionable outfits!

2. Invest in Classics


Trends come and go, but some things are simply classic. Every woman should invest in timeless staples like a turtleneck, a great pair of jeans, simple heels, a blazer, and a little black dress. On top of being classy and chic, these items are super versatile and easy to style. You’ll feel elegant and confident in these classic clothes.

3. Curate a Color Palette Wardrobe

To make styling outfits super easy, try the color palette hack. With this hack, you simply curate a closet based on a single color or family of colors.

For example, let’s say you pick orange, brown, and yellow as your color palette. You’d curate your closet to only include garments and accessories in those colors. Once you’re done, you have dozens of options to create stylish outfits with ease, because everything already matches with everything else!

If you know that specific colors look good on you, you can start building your color palette there. You’ll have a closet full of coordinating clothes that are easy to pair and style.

4. Create a Uniform


Another useful fashion hack for busy women is to create a uniform. If you don’t have the time or energy each morning to create a totally unique style, then make it easy on yourself. Pick a general template you can use as a base to get dressed for the day.

For example, your “uniform” could be jeans, a loose blouse, a cardigan, and a flat shoe. Once you have those categories in mind, you can quickly pull different items each morning to create cute outfits with low effort.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with the same uniform forever. If you like a certain trend or want to mix things up, you can certainly do so! Let’s say you’re loving fall 2021 fashion trends and want to add some cute sweater vests or warm knits. You can definitely tweak your uniform based on the season and the latest styles! The goal is to make fashion simple and fun for you, so do whatever makes the most sense to you.

5. Make it Your Own

Once you’ve worked on your wardrobe to get it to a place where getting dressed each morning is a breeze, you can add in your special something. Make your style your own by building on top of your base outfits with eye-catching accessories or extra touches that show your personality.

Infuse character into your looks with pops of color, bold lipstick, or custom monogrammed pieces. These fun touches let you express yourself and enjoy your new, on-the-go style!

Feel Fabulous Every Day

Fashion doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right mindset and wardrobe, you can easily create amazing, one-of-a-kind outfits that make you feel great. Wherever your busy life takes you, you’ll feel fabulous every day on the go!

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