Facts about Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney is an American actress who has successfully acted on Shameless, where she took Deborah’s role in 2011. She is amongst the young upcoming stars who are also doing practices on directing movies.

Emma Kenney

Early life                           

On September 14, 1999, Kenny was born in Manhattan, New York City, located in the United States. Emma Kenney’s age as of 2021, is just 21 years old. Her parents are, Gilliam Kenney who’s is a criminal defense lawyer, and Kenny Kevin, who has served as a sports writer.

Emma is brought up as a responsible lady. She is also taught how to respect people and their area of occupation. She has just one brother. Have a look at one of the talented actors in America.

Relationship status

In regards to relationship status, Emma is currently not engaged with anyone. According to the research done, she has been in only one relationship in previous years. After having an unsuccessful relationship, Emma decided to maintain single status till she gets the right partner of her life.

Physical appearance

Emma kenney

Emma has a rough height of 5feet and 7inches. She possesses dark brown eyes and red hair that makes her look cute and elegant.


Emma attended Park Middle School. Her graduation information is not listed.

Net worth

Emma Kenny has an approximated wealth of $ 1million. Her net worth is expected to increase gradually as she is still getting more fame worldwide.

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Favorites and hobbies

Emma likes photo shooting. She will spend much of her free time doing photography kinds of stuff. Apart from her music, she also loves other musicians who include Ray Del Lana and Eminem. In her latest interview, she revealed that her favorite is Pizza, among other sweet foods.

Career life

Kenny got a golden opportunity to play the role of Deborah at the age of 12. She has been in that film for more than eight years. Unlike some actors and actresses, Kenny got a breakthrough in performing his first role. The feeling couldn’t get matched. At that time, she was at her grade seven levels of education at park middle school.

However, she had appeared in a few other films, though serving on minor roles. At Rutgers University, the ones held drama finalist at New Jersey International Film Festivals where Kenny performed being the youngest. At the age of 9, she could become a filmmaker.

In 2017, her fame and fans kept following her stats every time. Acting on humor made her retain attraction, whereby several film companies required her services.  After she accepted to work with ABC filmmakers, they announced that Emma would appear on the tenth season. On March 27, 2018, she served the role of a rival on the series. She again appeared on Laurie Metcalf, Roseanne Bar, Sara Gilbert, and John Goodman.

Emma has played the following films.

  • In 2008, she gave Daughter on the Lyre Liar though the film was a short one.
  • In the same year, she acted as Emma in the Bittersweet film.
  • In 2009, she performed the role of Young Jo on A Civil Union series though it was a short film.
  • She played the role of Nicole on Three Little puppets in 2009.
  • In 2013, Emma served as Marigold girl on the Epic film.
  • In 2017, she played the role of Sarma on the series named My Love Affair with Marriage.
  • She later acted as Briana on the series known as Robert the Bruce in 2019.

Despite her young age, Emma has made her way into the television series. She has made it in life to fit into the film Industry wholly. She has appeared in the following television series.

  • She appeared on the Green apple television series playing the role of Abigail in 2009
  • In the same prime year, Emma played Rosie Trivette on the television series named Day Camp.
  • In 2011, she played on the Peg of Old as Aylesh Ronan on the Boardwalk Empire television series.
  • From the year 2011, Kenny had been acting on Shameless series whereby she has the main cast’s position.
  • On the series of Roseanne, she performed as Harris Conner-Healy in 2018.
  • From the year 2018 till to date, she has been playing on The corners performing Harries Corner-Healy’s role.

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