Enjoy Desert Safari In Dubai

A Desert Safari in Dubai gives the tourists an opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of the UAE’s Palm Islands. An unforgettable desert safari in Dubai includes enjoying the luxury of a five-star hotel with world-class service and indulge in many sightseeing activities along the way. Dubai tourism has gained popularity globally and most of the tourist places in the UAE are developed and have modern facilities but still, there are some places where the tourism industry is developing fast and you can get a great desert safari in Dubai as well.

Desert Safari


Enjoy Desert Safari:

Enjoy the desert safari where you drive on the sand dunes in a hammering climate with the local people making noise all around you. At certain times, you can also enjoy the water sports such as swimming, diving, and water skiing. Evening desert safari in Dubai is also a combination of cultural entertainment, adventure, and sumptuous traditional dinner under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp. This is followed by an excursion to a traditional Arabic Bedouin camp where you can catch the true essence and beauty of this desert.

Drive Your Self:

If you wish to drive through the desert on your desert safari in Dubai, drive your rental car through the desert to avoid the dust or sand that can be thrown up at the spot. You can stop your vehicle anywhere you like, for lunch, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. During your desert safari in Dubai, do not miss a visit to the Southern edge of Bur Dhabi and the Al Hajar Mountains. The best desert safari in Dubai allows you to explore the traditional Bedouin lifestyle of villages located on the dune-bashing mountains.

Desert Safari Packages:

A desert safari in Dubai allows you to shop for the traditional attire of Bedouins, just as you would in any city in the world. There are many shops selling Bedouin-style traditional attire, which includes kaftans (loose tunic), gaga cholis, sherwanis (long gown), and kurta pajamas. You can buy these items in any good Bedouin garment shop. You can also visit traditional dancing places in the desert to have your belly dancing experience. The most important aspect of desert safari in Dubai is the camels. camel safaris are arranged by experienced and well-trained camel drivers who know the route and the animals you will meet on the way.

Different Ways To Enjoy Desert Safari:

Another way to have an amazing desert safari in Dubai is to go for a henna tattoo. Henna tattoos are the traditional way of decorating the body to look beautiful. Henna tattoo artists in Dubai are well trained to be able to apply the henna tattoo in the right place to the right person. They are most experienced at designing a cute henna tattoo that looks fantastic and you can be sure that the people who apply them will have to put in some extra time to design a tattoo that perfectly suits you.

The desert safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy the desert safari at its best. Enjoy the camel rides, trekking, jeep safaris, hiking, and more. During a desert safari in Dubai, you can also enjoy many water sports like fishing, boating, jet skiing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, etc. One of the best things about a desert safari in Dubai is that you can see many amazing attractions in the city like the Burj Al Arab hotel and the Madinat Jumeirah hotel.

Different Activates in Desert Safari:

Desert Safari

The most famous activities for desert safari in Dubai include dune bashing, morning desert safari, camel safari, and trekking. You can also enjoy the sand dunes on your own by renting a camel or a horse. If you want to have an adventurous tour, then you can choose the Dubai Sprints and go for the camel safari trip. If you are interested in things that are completely out of the ordinary, then you can choose the desert safari in UAE where you can spend the night camping and wake up to the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

Camel Safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hot air balloon ride, hot air ballooning, desert safari, hot air ballooning, driving on dunes, Jeep safari, hot air ballooning, evening desert safari, trekking, camel rides, and much more. There are different companies that offer these services so you can find one that is suitable for your holiday budget. Some companies charge higher rates as compared to others but the experience and the thrill that you will get will be worth it. These are the best ways to enjoy a desert safari in Dubai.

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