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Conquer Crypto Trade Market With Global CTB


There have been many significant changes that had taken place in the global financial industry in the past couple of years. These changes can glaringly be seen in technological advancements such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Believe it or not, the era of digitalization has dawned upon the world. This digitalization has then created opportunities for new companies to fulfill the demands of the digital industry. One of those companies is Global CTB, however, the name of this company is not known to the majority of consumers of the digital industry.

This is why this Global CTB Review is being written to let the majority know that there is a digital asset broker firm called “Global CTB”.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and sent live in 2009. Currently, Bitcoin is the world’s most expensive single-unit asset whose value has seen US$ 69,000 as its all-time high. So the investment in this digital asset can be very profitable but there are risks that can only be eliminated through hiring a broker like Global CTB.

Wide Range of Digital Assets

It is obvious that Global CTB is a trading company whose primary source of business is to offer crypto trading opportunities. The business of Global CTB exists in the market since 2016 and has been prospering day by day. The major reason for the prosperity is the wide range of digital assets ready for trade. As has been told earlier Bitcoin is the world’s most expensive and profitable single-unit asset, this very asset can be traded at Global CTB. Most importantly, except for one risk, all other risks associated with Bitcoin trading are duly eliminated with the help of Global CTB’s experience and professionalism.

The one risk that hasn’t been removed by Global CTB is the risk of “speculation” i.e. volatility. The digital asset market is very speculative. One day it is higher from one’s imagination and the next day it can be as low as an alarming level. However, this is the risk because of which people are driven towards Bitcoin. Assuming that Bitcoin is today worth US$ 30,000 and the very next day its value may go beyond US$ 40,000.

However, a trader can do trading in assets other than digital currencies because Global CTB offers trading services in many products. These trading products include stocks trading, forex trading, indices, and others.

Need to Own a Trade Account

Whether a trader wishes to trade digital assets or assets other than digital, in either situation, opening a trade account is obligatory. For facilitating the traders in the best way possible, Global CTB offers six account types. The first one is Bronzey, the second is Silver, the third is Gold, the fourth is Platinum, the fifth is Diamond and the sixth is VIP. For acquiring ownership rights of any of the accounts out of the six, a trader is advised to deposit the initial amount. The initial deposit ranges from 500 to 200,000 Euros. Euro 500 are needed for Basic and Euros 200,000 is the initial deposit for Diamond and VIP accounts.

Significance of Each Account

Each Global CTB account is unique and has its own features which are better and improved than the other account. For instance, the Bronze account can be classified as a ‘basic’ account, and Diamond or VIP accounts are the most advanced accounts. A trader is offered features such as daily trade signals, lower fees, access to crypto-asset markets, customer service, etc. in Bronze Account. But when it comes to the Diamond account, a trader is offered all the features that are available in Bronze but they are further improved. Furthermore, account management service, personal account manager, expert advisor, leverage, zero-fee charge-like services are offered additionally.


Since 2016, Global CTB is facilitating thousands of its satisfied global customers by giving them even more which they had actually bargained for. Hiring Global CTB as your broker can certainly ensure that your crypto trading career is in safe hands. Avoid getting in touch with unworthy and non-reliable brokers otherwise, your hard-earned money could vanish in seconds without any trace.

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