Top 5 Benifits Of Using Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Planters

All things ceramic-made are beautiful to look at. But there is more to ceramics than just an amazing appearance. Ceramic planters, for instance, offer many benefits to your plants.

Wholesale ceramic planters give ample space for roots to grow and ensure long plant life. They allow them to breathe freely and keep the potting mixture fresh.

If you are still in confusion about using ceramic pots and planters, refer to the below list of its fantastic benefits.

  1. Provides breathing space and moisture

Even glazed ceramic planters are porous in nature. They help in a free flow of sufficient humidity and air to the plants. It traps fertilizer and moisture in the pot, allowing them to reach the whole plant evenly. This, in turn, enables the plants to use up the nutrients in the pot to the maximum. The result is an immense boost in root growth.

  1. Protects plants from temperature drops

Their beautiful and delicate appearance may sometimes mask the fact that ceramic planters are functional too. Most of them have thick, sturdy walls that offer more than just durability. They shield your plants from sudden temperature changes. For instance, they will protect plants from absorbing excessive heat during summers

  1. Durability and stability.

Ceramic planters have a long shelf life because they don’t rust or fade in the sun. You can use them for a long time before having to replace them. Also, it would be best to get large wholesale ceramic planters for top-heavy plants. The main reason is that they can keep the plants steady and prevent them from toppling over amid strong winds.

  1. Great for indoor and outdoor use

The most significant advantage of ceramic planters is that they are flexible to use both indoors and outdoors. You can place them at the entrance, on the bedroom balcony, or out in the hall. They will keep indoor plants alive and well, allowing you to enjoy fresher air and lovelier surroundings. Glazed, waterproof ceramic planters are great for outdoor use. They stay mess-free, and you can bring them in anytime you want.

  1. Can be customized

Not all houseplants are the same in size or shape. For instance, plants like aloe, herbs, or anthurium are small, while ficus and dracaena grow tall. Pick planters depending on the type of plants you wish to grow. Most ceramic planters are already round in shape, but you can buy offbeat, custom-made ones. They will be stunning additions to your home decor and an exciting topic of conversation when you have guests over!

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Best Plants To Keep In Ceramic Pots

Before you decide on the plant, ensure to pick planters that have drainage. This is to ensure that the roots of the plant don’t have to sit in stagnant water. It will give your plants longevity.

You can choose from a myriad of houseplant varieties to keep in your wholesale ceramic planters. Generally, you must pick plants that need evenly moist soil and a damper environment. Some popular options you can consider include Spider Plants, Boston Fern, Golden Pothos, Baby’s Tears, and Maidenhair Fern.

Having read through the unbeatable benefits ceramic planters have to offer. You can now advance in gardening. Even novices can make gorgeous gardens with exemplary dedication and plant care. For starters, pick the planters appropriate for the plant type, and you should be good to go!

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