Can You See When Someone Checks Your Location?

Someone checks your location, so how can I find it? I prevent all my tracker locations from sharing by apps such as WhatsApp, google maps, features available in devices, etc. You can also remove a few apps for tracking from your iPhone. This is a simple way to share location to anyone can see. So you can go to setting then go to the web browser/ search sharing option on your devices. If you found someone tracking your location, then you stop or log out of their account from your devices.

track your location

How to avoid it? 

  • If you found my location is the track on, then the turn of this location and stop sharing location that person from my device.
  • Always check service location provided by android and i-phones such as GPS, wi-fi, mobile network & other devices sensor if this location sharing option is on the turn of this option. This option is in-built in our devices and this easy sharing option to anyone.
  • GPS is available on every device & it must share the location where you are available. Gps is on, then turn off the GPS location and stop the sharing location from tracking you.
  • If sharing location features are available in android and iPhones, check the track history of who is checking your location. If you find someone who checks your location, turn off this feature.
  • A third-party app is available for any device for sharing your location; if you can install a third-party app on your android phones and iPhones, also check this app is turned on or off to save your side to a shared location.
  • Every device available google map for sending the location and tracker any other location, check the google map setting on of tracker if the tracker/ sharing location is on then turn off the setting.
  • Also, hide the setting of GPS and install the feature of sharing a location from your devices. You can stop the sharing device/ location of you and another person.
  • You can check glympse if installed on your devices. This is also tracker devices where you are? Glympse app is used to share locations with anyone. This app is open in a web browser.
  • Spying app is also device sharing or location sharing. You can also try to install a spying app on your mobiles laptop devices to check if the tracker location is on or off.
  • What’s up is also sharing location device when the sharing location option is on what’s up then you can turn off this option and the sharing also sharing location with the help of mobile number.
  • Check the IP address to the messenger app. This is also sharing the location app to the devices.

Additional things to keep in mind

This is an easy way to location sharing option on your devices. You can check the sim tracker, mobile number, search history. This is also sharing location types on our mobiles.

Facebook is also sharing device. When i-staunch, this is set to sharing the location to anyone can see it. m-spy software is also sharing devices with the help of email and mobile numbers. You are a user of Snapchat so you can check this app is automatically sharing devices.

Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp This app allows permission to turn on the GPS location, so they risk you after using it.

Our GPS location is on, so anyone finds your location. Also, now trending app is phone-pay, g-pay, Paytm, and amazon pay. This app also wants to turn on GPS location while transferring money after using this app.

I-phone device users always check the i-cloud. This is also another sharing location device. Map my run by under armor is another sharing location device. If you installed it on your devices, you could check the setting someone is observing. geozilla is sharing location devices.


When your location is turned on, then off the location and stop the sharing from your devices. Follow me is another live tracking app to share your site. You check this app to prevent sharing the location. Family locator is also a live tracking app for you and your family also. Check this app and stop sharing the location with anyone

life 360 is also sharing location devices with anyone who can track your location. I-sharing is also one of the best sharing devices for you and your family if you can install this app to check the setting if someone observes your location and stops the sharing location.

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