Best Spoof Calling Apps 2022

spoof calling apps

Call spoofing, in simple terms, is a current technique for protecting your privacy (Hide Your Number) when making phone calls. We can conceal our phone numbers in several methods. On the internet, there are numerous Caller ID Spoofing Apps. Have a look at some of the best spoof calling apps in 2022

If you’re looking for websites that do the same job then this link ( ) is for you. Not all Caller ID Spoof Apps are free; some are charged, others are trial versions, and others offer free credits to try out the service. 

Check Out The Caller ID Spoofing Apps Listed Below:

1. Spoof My Phone

Spoof my Phone is one of the most excellent caller id spoofing tools available, with premium plans starting at 6 euros for worldwide call spoofing. To begin phone spoofing, sign up and purchase credits. On Android and iPhones, you may also use the Spoof my Phone mobile application to make spoof calls all over the world.

Along with call spoofing, you can access a variety of features, including:

  • Calls are recorded. 
  • Changing the tone of Voice (male and female). 
  • You should include sound effects. 
  • Text-to-speech software.

2. Primo – Free Call App

We have tested Primo, the most fantastic Call Spoofing App for Android.


  • You may use our free Call Spoofing App to make voice calls, text messages, video chat, and more. 
  • Make free calls to over 60 destinations with Primo (Only Landlines). 
  • Unlimited Primo to Primo Chats and Calls are provided for free. 
  • Messaging via text. 
  • By recommending friends, you can earn incentives. 
  • You can share documents, photos, videos, and other things.

3. Call Spoofer 

The best technique to fake your phone call is to use Call Spoofer. You can alter your Voice from male to female or female to male, and you can pick your own desired number. All Call Spoofer users receive free test credits, which you can upgrade in the App.

4. SpoofTel

SpoofTel is an essential and easy-to-use phone spoofing service, but it’s just for desktops and iPhones. They also intend to release the SpoofTel App for Android.


  • Caller ID spoofing is a feature of SpoofTel. 
  • You can send text messages, make voice calls, and record calls. 
  • You can set up a call schedule. 
  • Fax spoofing, local numbers, toll-free numbers, and voicemail services are also accessible.

5. Disguised Calling

 Covert calling is possible with caller ID spoofing and other features such as text message spoofing, voice alteration, and call recording. But? Only the premium package has these added features. They have paid plans starting at USD 10, which include 100 minutes of conversation time and all premium features. All sorts of debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.

6. CrazyCall

The ultimate call spoofing service, as well as an unofficial Android app, can be found at Mobile number changing, Voice changing, and setting your favorite number to display others are among the features available.

7. BluffMyCall

BluffMyCall is the best phone spoofing service, and it also has a free trial version. Caller ID altering, Call recording, Voice mail, and Voice changing are some of the features offered on this service (Disguise Your Voice).

8.  Soft Droid’s Prank

A fake incoming phone call Soft Droid’s prank. Now there’s an app that can assist you in getting out of a forced chat or a tedious meeting. It’s more of a prank-calling App for incoming false calls to yourself than a prank-calling App. You can make a bogus call for a set period without really receiving one. 

The most excellent part is that you can also use it without an internet connection. Setting a fake caller id like Mom, pizza boy, or police, for example, allows you to arrange a call from a fictitious individual. Give your caller a photo and a name to make it more realistic. It also allows you to set the ringtone for the phone call.

You may even pick a caller from your contacts so that you have strong evidence to back up your call if you are about to get caught! As soon as you pick up the phone, recorded audio with voice effects will begin to play. There’s also a custom layout option.

9. Automatic Call Recorder

Record and choose which calls you wish to save in an indefinite length of time, up to your device’s memory capacity. This isn’t much of a prank-calling App, though. You can, however, record calls from specific contacts and listen to them later. If you finish the App, you’ll be able to develop some creative ways to exploit these recorded calls to prank your pal.

The program supports Dropbox and Google Drive backups. The application is essentially free. However, the pro edition will allow you to cool custom features. A tape of your professor firing you over the phone, which you may later use to scare your friend over the phone, is an example of a prank call.


All call spoofing apps provided here are 100% functional since we have personally tried them. If you want to make some prank calls to your friends and family, you can use any app on our list. Making fake calls is lawful when you have a negative motive to damage someone for whatever.

Thank you for taking the time to read Best Call Spoofing Apps for PC and Mobile Phones in 2021.

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