Best Men’s Footwear Collection which makes you look More Stylish

Men Shoes

Shoes have the power to make or break your entire look, which is why choosing the right pair in terms of design, style and size is crucial. These days shoes for men come in a great variety, just like women. If you’re looking forward to buying shoes for men, you need first to be aware of the different types available in the market.

Instead of wearing your sneakers or gym shoes or even flip-flops every time you head, invest in the right shoes for men. So let’s have a quick look at different men’s shoes that are a must-have for your wardrobe.


If you love sliding your feet into flip flops, give it a twist and opt for loafers. These are the shoes for men where you simply have to slide your feet in. These make you look cool and classy at the same time. They are more comfortable than other dress shoes for men and can be worn with formal and semi-formal outfits.


You cannot argue that the moccasins and loafers are the same despite the loafers being modeled after the moccasins. Moccasins are more casual than loafers with distinct stitching around the uppers.


These are arguably the best shoes for men. The closed lacing and over-the-vamp shoelace tabs make them super-duper classy on your formal attire. With sexy colors such as black, brown, and oxblood red, you can complement your suit at your office meeting with Oxfords.

Derby shoes:

These are often confused with Oxfords but they are both distinct. Instead of close lacing, derby shoes have open lace with tabs sewn under or onto the vamps. Originally worn during hunting or horse riding, these shoes for men have modernized over time and are not as sporty as they used to be. With wonderful colors such as tan, grey and black, you can make your pick based on your outfit.


You can call them the cousin of derby shoes but they are slightly different from Derbys. They are most often made from soft suede or calfskin. These ankle-length shoes for men are weather-treated, which means you can wear them all year round.

Chelsea boots:

These shoes for men are just amazing because they can be worn on your formal attire during the day and your casual attire for Friday night drinks. They look elegant, are lightweight, with smooth brown or black leather uppers and active-inspired rubber-out soles. You need to take care of this shoe a lot.

Casual slip-on shoes:

They aren’t sneakers but also not dress or formal shoes. These shoes for men can be worn with casual outfits. They are water-resistant, which means you can wear them throughout the year. These shoes will make running errands a classy affair.

At-home shoes:

Everyone loves to keep their feet all nice and comfortable when relaxing at home, which is why you need these at-home shoes for men. You can find mules or moccasin-style slippers with plush faux-shearling lining and arch support. You can wear them inside your house or on your deck while chilling.

Buying these shoes for men can bring out your inner classy and dapper side.

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