Be Sure to Be Sure That Your Goods Are in Safe Hands

Storage Service Providers

When you hear the word logistics, images of large heavy machinery, massive vans and trucks, enormous warehouses, a lot of chaos, and crossed fingers in the wish that one’s invariably extremely valuable goods are in safe hands and  still in one piece when it reaches its destination come to mind. Thankfully, those nerve-wracking moments are a distant memory, and here is why;

Those moments of hope are over, you can be sure to be sure

While taking a look into the logistics or storage service providers for your high-tech devices, you may come across terms you are unfamiliar with. Terms like ‘white-glove services’ and ‘last mile services’ are often used. But what precisely do these terms mean, and why should you care?

Simply put, ‘white gloves services’ refer to a deluxe delivery service in which your delicate or costly devices are handled with the utmost attention and care, adhering to explicit instructions where necessary. The final leg of your equipment’s journey is referred to as “last mile services,” moving personnel and cargo from a logistics depot to their final destination.

If you want the best in terms of technical logistics then speak with Rhenus High Tech, a leading white gloves logistics provider. Their website contains a comprehensive list of what they have to offer, when looking at services offered from a host of different providers, there were some differences, as such here’s a shortlist which should help you when making your choice of provider and service.

Where do you need it sir?

To be sure that you don’t waste any time you will want to find out what areas the logistic firm covers in terms of delivery, so, it’s best to inquire first. Some providers only serve a single country or region of the world, whereas others serve the entire globe. If your business does business in any of the following countries: England, Switzerland, China, Australia, India, France, or the United States, you should look for a global logistics provider.

Specialist areas

When looking around, you will likely discover that most companies have a “one size fits all” approach, whereas others specialize in specific areas of expertise like gadget transportation and assembly. Choose a company that specializes in your area of need; after all, they will be experts with the necessary experience, this is also very important when considering the level of service provided.

Level of service

You will also find that the level of service provided varies, as an example, some specialists offer things like installation of your equipment and setting it up or, ‘calibrating’. Maybe something you hadn’t even considered but, some of the experts offer the whole package meaning, that there is much less for you to do.


The types of accreditations a company has can reveal a lot about its ethos, so it’s strongly advised to ask about or look for accreditations and qualifications when making inquiries. There is a lot to be said for a provider who invests time, care, and effort in improving itself and the people who help run operations. Accreditations should provide you with additional assurance about the quality of service you can expect.


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