Be Covid Prepared, When Travelling Internationally

Covid Travel

If you are planning a trip abroad at the moment, then you will want to make sure that you are covid prepared for what may lay ahead. Costs will mount up as you will likely have to stay in a hotel that offers quarantine services and things just aren’t going to be the same. Here are some important travel planning and packing recommendations to help you negotiate the new normal ahead of your trip.

Be sure to have good travel insurance

You may have never bought travel insurance before and not been in a position whereby you wish you had. In which case, you’ve been very lucky indeed and, in times like this, it will be more of a necessity than a choice. Some countries, like Thailand, for example, will require you to have insurance and to pre book a quarantine hotel near Sukhumvit and will flat out refuse to accept you into their country without sufficient Travel and or Health Insurance.

From a logical perspective, it makes perfect sense, imagine getting tested and showing a positive result, but not having insurance…that could be a real kick in the teeth. Or, your country allows you to leave yet when you get to where you are going, they won’t let you pass the immigration checkpoint.

Vaccination proof, original, and copies

International visitors of other countries will almost definitely need confirmation of vaccination and/or a negative COVID-19 test result to enter or escape quarantine restrictions as more nations start to mandate it. Furthermore, depending on their destination, even domestic passengers may require evidence. Vaccination evidence may also be required to access pubs and even restaurants as well as other businesses around the country.

You will want to pack your vaccination card to avoid such restrictions. The best thing to do is to take both your original and a copy or two. You can leave the original at your accommodation when you go out and that way at least you won’t lose it. You’ll probably also find an app of some kind with the option of saving a digital copy.

Check your passport at least twice

Most countries dictate that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the dates of your journey and, because passport processing delays are longer than usual, you may want to renew your passport right now. Some people have had to wait nearly 3 months for new passports so, check and double-check way ahead of time that you have at least 8-9 months left before yours expires.

 Take various types of masks

You should be aware of the various rules in place in the country you plan to visit. Some are ok with a piece of cloth; others will want something a little more substantial. On the aircraft, you might prefer something that might actually prevent the spread of disease, N95 masks are supposed to be quite good. In some more relaxed countries, you might be ok, but in countries that are stricter you could end up with a fine for not having the right kind of mask.

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