Airpods Not Charging in Case Issue – Problem Solved

airpods charging

Apple’s Airpods have been called the best accessory for use with iPhones by various industry experts and tech magazines. They are extremely lightweight and enormously convenient. These can be used comfortably for a longer period of time and need to be charged after significant durations.

Our experts believe that most Airpods not charging in case issues are caused due to software problems while others might be facing the problem due to a bug that causes the operating system to fail and prevent the case from charging up.

To help you solve Airpods Pro not charging issue, we present the top two ways on how to charge Airpods case:

Solution 1 – Reset your Airpods case

The first solution to the Airpods case not charging issue is to reset your Airpods case. This is the basic troubleshooting step to take when you face any issue with Airpods not charging. Resetting your Airpods case will clear the operating system and could possibly fix the charging issue successfully. Also, read about.

Here are the simple steps to reset Airpods case and learn how to charge Airpods case:


  1. Press and hold the setup button on the rear of the Airpods case.
  2. Release the setup button when the status light turns amber and then begins to flash white.
  3. The Airpods case should start charging normally now.

In case this fails to solve the problem of Airpods not charging in case, then you can try our second solution.

Solution 2 – Clean case charging point


At times, dirt and dust particles can cover the charging points, thus preventing the Airpods case from being charged. This is a common problem for those who are in the habit of storing their Airpods and Airpods case in their jeans pockets.

To clean the Airpods case charging points, you should avoid using a wet cloth or a piece of metal, in case they damage and short-circuit the charging point and assembly.

Here are the simple steps to clean the Airpods case charging point and solve Airpods not charging problem:


  1. Grab a toothpick or a static brush (if you have one handy)
  2. Scrape the dirt, dust, and lint out of the charging points carefully
  3. Once the cleaning is completed, you can try connecting the lightning cable to the case and see if it starts charging normally.

Solution 3 – Use another cable

If the above two solutions do not work for you, then you can try our third solution. In this, you can change the cable you are using to charge the Airpods case.

This problem arises when you use a charging cable that is not MFI certified. Fake cables tend to have a lower quality standard than those that are MFI certified. Once you switch the lightning cable, you should check to see whether the Airpods are being charged when stored in their case.


Airpods are incredibly fun to use but need to be carefully used to avoid damaging them, just like any other piece of electronic equipment. Use the above-given solutions to solve Airpods not charging issue successfully.

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