A Few Great Kitchen Ideas Related to Cherry Cabinets and Other Wood Cabinets

It’s fine that people are more attentive toward brighter and lighter shades of kitchen designs. However, not everyone runs after lighter-colored kitchen units. There are many inspiring styles that you can find in wood kitchen cabinets in dark shades like cherry wood. Cherry is never a dated look. It is an eternal color. Let’s have a look at how to incorporate dark wood like a cherry into a new and fresh kitchen design.

cherry kitchen cabinets

Transitional and new styles that work with cherry cabinets

As it comes to kitchen cabinetry trends, it will be more about the style instead of the finish and color. If you love cherry kitchen cabinets, go for them. However, you need to complement the cabinets with some transitional elements and select a color palette with gray or neutral brown undertones. Cherry kitchen cabinets and other wood grain finishes with dark colors are gaining more popularity in kitchen designs. Maple and oak offer a rustic country feel. Actually, different wood grains provide different textures depending on their type.

Trendy dark cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinet finishes are taking an uptick. This is good news for the homeowners, who like a neutral and natural finish. It is also great for those who have a traditional taste. As you reface the cabinets, you will have the option to go lighter or darker without replacing the whole cabinet box. And this shortens the time of remodeling and minimizes your spending on new cabinetry.

Mix-n-match cabinet finishes

Another kitchen cabinet trend becoming popular is mix-n-match finishes. Color contrasts along with kitchen designs incorporating many color schemes are gaining popularity. One of the key ways that work is the use of wood-grained cabinets for the cabinet perimeter. Use a solid color on the kitchen island. You can follow the vice versa trend as well.

Ways that cherry cabinets are trending

Selecting the right cabinetry for the kitchen means picking up more than only the door colors. You have to take care of the door styles and design of the whole project. Let’s have a look at the trends homeowners and kitchen designers are considering these days.

  • Transitional kitchens – The term ‘transitional’ refers to be somewhere between two stages or phases. In the case of kitchen designs, the transitional style includes a combination of elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. This results in a beautiful unique creation. Not only cherry cabinets, but this also applies to walnut kitchen cabinets as well.
  • Shaker-style cabinet doors – These doors fit into many contemporary trends. This is the reason that shaker cabinets are becoming more popular with every passing day. The style is timeless and versatile. It offers a simple appearance to set the accents and key focal points.
  • Contemporary or modern style – This is not something minimalist. It tends to emphasize cleaner accents and lines. Homeowners who want to have a spacious and airy feel inside the kitchen can opt for contemporary designs.

Irrespective of the style and color of the cabinets you choose, there is one thing in common – the kitchen is not for only cooking. It has become a multipurpose space to find various household requirements.

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