8 Tips To Drive More Traffic At Your Exhibition Stand

To stand out in the market and be successful companies choose to bring various marketing tools and exhibition stands and trade shows or expos in an excellent manner. No matter the digital age is taking over the market at rapid speed however face to face meetings are still considered as an edge to gain points in any competition.

This is why the exhibition display should be eye-catching to quickly break the ice and make the conversations. Your exhibition stand tends to just the right extension of your brand and this will attract potential clients towards you. The task is challenging yet a lot of fun! You will see in these trade shows how different organizations bring in the experience of producing, designing, implementing, and award-winning stands.

Let’s talk about some of the most practical ideas that you can implement with exhibition stands. Perhaps you might have had the previous experience with any exhibition event, you have done the payment for a great show floor space, faced all the hassles that are required with the setting.

But then you see that the results are not even close to being called an average performance! What could be the reasons? Where have you taken the wrong decision? And the most important question, how to fix the problem to not face the same next time? The below-mentioned stand ideas have won awards because of their performance and this is your time now!

1. Bring life to the products or services at the display

If you are putting your products or services at the exhibition, it’s time to portray them with a new approach! Gone are the days when putting them on the shelf was the only trend used to attract customers and bring excitement to the audience. Bring more life to the display, such as if you are selling alcoholic beverages then a mock-up brewery that showcases the brewing process will do the trick to gain the attention.

2. Set the right mood

Exhibition Stand

Obviously, you want everyone to come to your stand and spend time there with keen interest. But that has to be done by you where you need to set a tone of just the right mood to raise their curiosity and keep things interesting. Exhibition product display ideas include making the full utilization of lighting and display graphics.

3. Lighting usage

Let’s face the truth—usage of the right lighting suspended over the exhibition stands does excite the crowd. You can also use LED projectors to create moving murals and displays that attract visitors and make them hesitant when they think to leave your site.

4. Handle the crowd

While you are trying to sell your product and improve the brand reputation, you can handle the crowd very well by providing them the practical knowledge of the same to everyone. Providing a learning experience makes a personal connection of everyone with your brand and it will prove pivotal to gain their trust for your company.

5. Hold the hands of technology

Time is changing and digitalization is the future where every event is full of people using a smartphone. Why not just have free Wi-Fi at your stand for everyone? Providing an internet connection will allow workers to send emails and handle official work easily amidst the crowd.

6. Keep things simple and fun

If you want your stand to be full of an audience that is ready to make interactions and show interest then focus on keeping the approach simple as well as fun to take the full benefits. Same way, you can keep a strong call to action to get the audience to have the specific action handled by themselves effectively. A fun idea is to place a selfie booth at the stand where they can pose with the company brand and have a memorial that will be there with them.

7. Stand out with unique nature

If you are thinking of a table with roller and pop-up banners then you are not thinking clearly! Start using bespoke exhibition stands that make your stand look unique and provide that edge to stand above everyone at the event. Also, avoid the usage of a table between you and your customers, keep the space empty as a gesture of invitation and equality while they are approaching.

8. Be quick with information gathering

Once you got the idea that one specific person could be your next potential client, then without wasting time you have to gather their details and contact information. You can also offer them something in return such as flyers and discount coupons that they will love on. If you have a good initial connection with them, you can also ask them to sign up for any gaming or fun activity installed on your booth, provide them with a prize that they can later claim their

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