7 Top-Notch WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Sites

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Beginning an online store may be daunting. In addition to the essential functions of eCommerce, like a shopping cart as well as payment processors, you may require additional tools to increase your sales and manage customer relations. Thus, we know that finding out the most efficient WordPress tool for eCommerce is way more challenging. Here are 7 top-notch WordPress plugins for ECommerce Sites.

To ease your burden, we’ve put together the best of them. The plug-ins we recommend are top-quality and appropriate for every area you operate in. It will help boost your marketing campaigns via email and sales, while others can help you improve your sales and even your product strategy. We also offer options to enhance your website’s UX (UX).

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce can be described as the most popular WordPress plug-in for eCommerce. It is the main reason that more than 25 percent of all online stores worldwide. It can help you transform your WordPress website into a fully functional store and provide you with all the essential features that each online store needs.

For example, WooCommerce enables you to build bundles of items, and create delivery options, including secure payment processors, and many more. To get more information about the power of this platform, check the WooCommerce introduction guide and the WooCommerce guide.

2. Email marketing plug-ins

Marketing via email is an excellent method to nurture leads, increase revenue, recover abandoned carts, and much more. These plug-ins can assist you in identifying customer addresses and running your marketing campaigns.

Plug-ins include: Optinmonster, Thrive leads, HubSpot, Mailpoet

3. Easy Digital Download

If you don’t plan to sell physical items or products, then Easy Digital downloads (EDD) could be a good substitute for WooCommerce. The plug-in makes selling only digitally simple by incorporating eCommerce capabilities into your website.

With EDD, it is possible to establish an online shopping cart, keep your customer’s information, provide discounts, and much more. Additionally, it lets you restrict access to files and limit the number of downloads of your products. If you’d like to know how to sell products using this plug-in, make sure to check out our instructional.

Easy Digital Downloads is a widely used WordPress eCommerce plug-in for showing and selling digital items. It’s ideal for stores online selling music, eBooks, or software.

Another essential feature is bundle downloads. This feature lets buyers combine several items into one download. It is helpful when offering bundles of products at a discounted price.

Utilize the built-in analytics function via the plug-in dashboard to view different reports. It will show the store’s performance by the number of downloads, earnings, and payment options. Download logs are also accessible.

The feature for managing customers allows you to track your customers without the need for an additional extension. You can keep track of the number of transactions each customer made and the amount they spent.

The plug-in is compatible with Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon payment gateways. Check out the different type of extensions that offers additional payment facilities.

4. eCommerce product catalog plug-in for WordPress

eCommerce Product Catalog can be among the most sought-after WordPress eCommerce plug-ins. It has various options to turn your WordPress website into a catalog. When you are setting your plug-in, you will have four choices:

  • Website store. Displays a product catalog with an enabled shopping cart that allows you to sell items directly on the site. Select this option to build an eCommerce website.
  • Catalog of inquiries. Enables the quote cart feature that allows customers to inquire about price estimates. It’s useful if you offer specific pricing for each client.
  • Catalog of Affiliates. Creates the affiliate button that lets users click on affiliate products.
  • A simple catalog. Preview products with no transaction capabilities.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a free customer relationship management ( CRM) solution for budget-conscious entrepreneurs. It assists you in turning visitors into leads and then nurturing customers into repeat buyers through tools such as live chat pop-ups, pop-ups, and forms. It also provides access to pre-designed newsletter templates and allows you to follow your campaigns with integrated analytics in your dashboard.

6. Cartflows

CartFlows can assist you in driving conversions through the definition of your site’s sales funnel. It also includes pre-designed template templates to create your Upsell and Thank You pages, which you can personalize using The Block Editor or your preferred page builders. It also streamlines the checkout process and emails customers who have dropped their orders.

7. Member Press

MemberPress is a WordPress plug-in to create an online membership site that is paid for. Although it’s not as popular as other eCommerce plug-ins listed in this listing, it’s a great choice to sell electronic content, classes, or downloadable content through the model of a membership-based business.

This means you can use any model of payment that works for you the best. It also supports unlimited access rules that let you restrict access to certain pages or posts, as well as other content that is based on client requirements.

Web development companies in India must integrate these seven plug-ins into the CMS platform for better output and responsiveness

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