7 Helpful Tips to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Planning the event of a lifetime is hard work. There are just so many things to consider, from food preparation and choosing the venue before it’s too late! But gathering all these things together ahead of time and making sure they’re organized beforehand ensures everything goes smoothly on the actual date itself.

For most couples, one of the most important milestones in life is expecting a child. Baby showers are often held in several ways across different cultures to celebrate this wonderful blessing.

If you plan to surprise the mom-to-be with a baby shower, you can follow these helpful tips to have a smooth and stress-free event.

  • Decide on a creative baby shower theme.

As the organizer, you should first plan the theme of the baby shower. By combining the pregnant mom’s interests with unique party ideas, you can make the theme more personal and sentimental for the soon-to-be mom.

The theme can also depend on the child’s gender. For example, you can choose a dinosaur-themed party for a baby boy or a unicorn theme for a baby girl.

  • Choose a stunning venue.

Typically, baby showers are held at home or small event centers. You can book a special restaurant, a botanical garden, or even set up an outdoor picnic for a change of scenery.

Booking a suitable venue depends on the vibe you want to achieve for the baby shower. Not only will it make the event more memorable, but you will also be saved from the after-party clean-up.

  •  Hire an experienced event host.

A successful party often relies on the skill of the host. If you want an organized party that follows a program, it is best to hire a talented host to encourage the guests to participate and make the baby shower more exciting for everyone.

  •  Plan some party icebreakers.

Baby showers don’t have to end after brunch is served awkwardly. You can spice things up by playing baby shower games like “Match the celebrity parent to the baby” or “How well do you know the mom-to-be?”

And of course, you need to give out small prizes to bring some competitiveness out of the guests. Candies, chocolates, or even bath bombs would be great crowd-pleasers.

  •  Keep the decoration eye-catching but straightforward.

Baby Shower

Baby shower decorations can be as simple as a personalized welcome banner and some metallic balloons. You can add some creative centerpieces like different-colored flowers to give life to a bland food table.

Food presentation also adds to the final set-up of the baby shower. A well-designed vintage cake on a stand and some ornate cupcakes are enough to make the arrangement more appealing, and of course, ensure that the guests’ mouth water.

  •  Prepare baby shower tokens for the guests.

Baby Shower

It’s always a nice gesture to give the guests a simple baby shower favor. You can give out small potted plants like succulents with a short thank you message. Personalized keychains are also great souvenirs that can be easily carried around and remembered by your friends.

  •  Set up a photo booth.

To make the baby shower even more memorable, you can set up a DIY photo booth following the party’s theme. Adorable printouts can be used as props to make each photo session enjoyable.

Once everything comes together, the soon-to-be mom will indeed have a baby shower worth remembering.

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