6 Top Techniques to Collect, Dry & Store Firewood

If we talk about firewood, it is common to hear a different opinion from different people. Different people will give different ideas for collecting firewood. No matter what your personal opinions, you should consider the following point to get the best results from the firewood.

1.Make A Perfect Plan to Collect the Firewood Supply

If you want to heat your home with the wood fuel, you should consider planning. You must make the right decision and get the best quality firewood at your home. You should also consider which kinds of permits are required for the collection of firewood.

In addition to this, you should also consider whether you have to cut the wooden pallets or split them. In simple terms, you have to make a good plan for everything. You have to make a plan in advance so that you do not have to face problems in the last moments.

You have to also make a plan for the seasoning of firewood so that they burn efficiently and produce the required amount of heat. You can easily collect firewood for no cost such as free firewood Sydney.

2.Collect Your Firewood Supply

If you do not have trees in your yard, then you have to look out for various other areas from where you can easily collect the firewood. But, make sure that you take the necessary permit before collecting the firewood so that you do not get trapped in the legal problems.

But you should find the area from where you can get the firewood easily. You have to do your research in advance so that you do not face any problem at the last moment.

3.Make Sure Your Firewood Is Seasoned

Before starting burning your firewood, you have to properly dry them out. Wood seasoning will help in maximizing the heat value of the firewood. The unseasoned wood does not burn properly and does not provide the same energy as that of the seasoned wood. In unseasoned wood, most energy is wasted in the evaporation process.

Unseasoned wood consists of water and it is not good for burning purposes. In addition to this, you also need to know that burning a huge amount of green wood can be extremely harmful to your health. The burning of green wood can lead to the generation of creosote. The creosote is very harmful to health.

Therefore, you should avoid the burning of greenwood in your house. In an ideal scenario, the homeowners should cut down the greenwood, allowing them to dry properly. Once they are completely seasoned, you can use them for burning purposes. You should make sure that your firewood burns well.

4.Carefully Make A Stack of Firewood

During the seasoning process of greenwood, you should always keep in mind that the stacking method you are using right now is perfect. Always keep in mind that the seasoning method you are going to use is good so that your wood will dry out quickly and efficiently.

The crisscross and open spaced stacks will allow the proper air circulation and let your wood dry out completely and quickly. You should never make a dead pile of wood that takes too much time to dry out properly. The seasoning of firewood is also dependent on the size of each piece of the firewood.

5.Properly Store at Right Place

The wood can easily absorb the moisture in the air because it is “hygroscopic” in nature. Thus, if you want to have complete protection from different elements, you should make a stack of firewood at the right place where atmospheric factors cannot affect the firewood. Make sure that you make a stack of firewood above the ground and you should properly cover them with the waterproof material.

6.Maintain Wide Range of Wood Species

You may have heard the stories related to “go-for” wood and Yule logs. When it comes to burning firewood, both of them have their importance. The wooden stove and gigantic Yule logs do not burn properly without a bed of coals. Therefore, you cannot ignore firewood that can help as a starter or igniter. You can cut down the dense hardwood into small size pieces and you can use them as a bed of coals.

Final Words:

If you want to enjoy your winter season and keep your place warm with the help of firewood, consider the above-mentioned points. These tips and tricks will help you to experience the good heat produced by the firewood.

But, make sure that you properly dry out your firewood before start burning it. The wooden pieces of hardwood can be used as igniter as well. But you should get some softwood and season them properly so that you can use them as an igniter.

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