5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Shopify Store Online

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” The online marketing revolution has given us a room full of creativity to strive for. We have come a long way, from print ads to digital ads, the digitization has it all just over a fingertip. Here are 5 digital marketing strategies to promote your Shopify store online.

Promotions and advertisements have played a major role in a brand’s awareness and recognition. For example, Starbucks, the coffee giant, has used digital mediums at its best. From creating memes to generating Instagrammable products that lured user attention, every social media tactic helped them bring more customers to their offline store.

We don’t have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we Do it- Erik Qualman

The above quote suits the current situation, where every business has to adopt online marketing tactics and let the brand grow organically. Social media allow a brand to actively engage its audiences and bring organic traffic to the platform.

So if you are planning for an e-commerce store or already have an online store, we have listed some of the best ways to promote Shopify stores.

Digital marketing

5 Evergreen ways to promote your Shopify store online

#1 Content marketing is the key

Everyone wants to rank on Google, and for that the key factor is content. In today’s world, every solution is available on the net. People are searching “n” number of things on their mobile screens or laptops. As a brand, it is very important to know the viable words used by your targeted audience and direct them to your online website or social media handle.

Content does not mean that you write paragraphs explaining your product or service. It means writing reliable information with apt keywords and phrases used by your users while searching on Google. For a product to reach its niche, it needs to add plenty of keywords that are commonly used by its targeted consumers.

For instance, the product descriptions should be briefly written with apt keywords. One can also include content on the website, that is easy to understand and has the exact language spoken by the customers.

#2 Guest posting on particular platforms

Guest posting is the best way to promote Shopify stores online. Regardless of having an online presence in the form of a website or social media handle, you can explain your product or service on a niche platform. The users who are fond of reading or have an intention of purchasing the said item will come to understand the concept on this site.

Guest blogging helps in engaging new audiences and also gives an advantage of interlinking a website or social media page along with the write-up which works as a booster for the brand on the internet. It creates a backlink that is easily crawled by the search engine and makes the page more visible to the users on a set primary keyword particularly used by your targeted niche.

#3 Enter the influencer arena

For every business, it is not possible to engage the audience and keep the hype of the item or service in the market for a long time period. Influencers are the people who make that happen for the firms online.

Be it any product or service from shoes to laundry services, everyone is on Instagram. From all the social media platforms, this one medium has more responsive branding which in turn provides the business with active and engaging users. Influencers are the individual strategists who have known the online world & all its insights. They have a set of audiences who have trust and faith in them.  This helps a brand to reach its niche more effectively as it is word-of-mouth marketing with a creative aspect in the form of posts, stories, reels, GIFs, and more.

Influencers are easy to approach and are cost-effective. They are a viable choice as compared to brand ambassadors. So, you can definitely collaborate with these creative minds. Create a Shopify GIF or a short video demonstrating your items. Such collaboration will make your consumer understand the actual use of the item. Your brand will get a positive or negative response there and then via commenting, re-sharing of the post, likes, and views. Thus, it is the most well-known and trusted marketing tactic in the digital arena.

#4 Giveaways and gifting contests

Earlier we used to take out sampling surveys that consisted of a miniature version of the product on a trial basis to our targeted niche. This helped us know their views on the product. Now, the door-to-door sampling concept is outdated. The digital world has brought a new wave of giveaways and contests. Instagram and Facebook have hyped this concept along with its success stories.

Hearing the word “free,” gives us enjoyment. It lures the customers to engage in a particular post and urges them to take part in the contest and win the prize. Such contests help the brand and the users to know each other. And be a part of the concept for a while. If the users love the product or the whole experience of an online contest. They might continue to follow the page and may also turn out to be loyal consumers. After trying a free gift won by them in the giveaway. Often influencers help brands to pull off such gifting campaigns in their own individual creative ways. By Using competition templates can save valuable time and ensure a consistent and visually appealing presentation for your contests, enhancing the overall user experience.

#5 A live giveaway on a stream

This one is a bonus.

As a brand, you can easily collaborate with the influencers to do a giveaway or you yourself can start a live gifting stream. These streams give us an idea of how many users are interested at a time to know us. Live streams are instant, they provide us with views and comments in real time. It is like talking to virtual commentary instead of an in-person conversation or a video chat.

On a concluding note

These are the best ways to promote Shopify stores online. Try it for yourself and be a part of hyped products in ruling the internet. It will take time but it sure does wonders for the brand in the long run. Thus, experience it for your business; the online marketing world is a cost-effective and creative arena. To explore a new phase for the said product or service.

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