5 Advantages of Parking Bollards You Didn’t Know About

Parking Bollards

Have you been wondering lately why commercial parking lots and even residential sectors have parking bollards? Parking-bollards might seem to be simple elements, but, they have more importance than just long steel stands in the parking lots. Have a look at the 5 Advantages of Parking Bollards you didn’t know about.

You need not be worried or tense in case you do not know the actual benefit of these bollards. However, the following article has got you covered in every way possible. Read on to know more in detail to know more about the parking bollards.

Get To Know the Many Advantages of Parking Bollards

This section of the article highlights the advantages of parking-bollards which you should know about. It is to be noted that a parking bollard is important in parking lots; this is mainly due to the added protection they offer to both the vehicles and pedestrians in the parking lot. There are mainly two types of parking bollards, i.e., rigid and retractable, and each comes with its own specific purpose which is quite important to understand.

If you are unaware of parking-bollards or do not know the proper usability of these bollards, then the following points might help you gather all the essential information. Read on to know more in detail!

  • Smartphone-regulated parking bollards

The best part of these smartphone-regulated parking-bollards is that they do not act like burdens on the users. Usually, the standard bollards remain concrete in most cases. Otherwise, they are remote-controlled and, thus, retractable. But it also becomes a headache to remind yourself of the places where you keep the essentials.

Hence, you might be puzzled if you cannot find the remotes or switches to control the parking bollards. When you have the entire control system stored in your smartphone. You would not have to worry about remembering the spots where you last left the remotes.

  • Multiple user control

Yet another advantageous point of parking-bollards is that if you have control of your smartphone by any chance, you need not worry about the user control interface. The best part about these controlled parking-bollards is that multiple users can log into the same controlling system of these bollards using their smartphones. And guess what, more than one family member can use the bollards in the parking areas whenever they like.

  • Easy closure

If you have remote-controlled parking bollards, you must get down your vehicle and close the bollards manually once after the car has left the parking area. However, you will not have to think of such things as if you get your hands on the smartphone-controlled parking bollards; you will also have closure access on your smartphone itself. Thus, you need not take steps manually to get a desirable result.

There might be times when you have to cry over the scratches that your vehicle gets from the next parked car. Such scratch repairs can cost you huge bucks to get things right. However, if you have proper access to parking bollards in your residential or commercial parking lots. You will not have to think about these issues. The parking-bollards are situated at an adequate distance to ensure that the vehicles do not come in close contact with each other. These distant bollards ensure that the cars do not get scratched.

  • For pedestrian safety

Yet another benefit of getting parking bollards installed in your garages or parking areas is to keep the pedestrians safe. There have been various instances where the pedestrians got hurt in one way or the other for the drivers’ lack of dutifulness and carefreeness. Keeping in mind the safety factor. The authorities of commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, government buildings, etc., have started installing parking bollards.


At the end of the day, if you are planning to install these helpful parking bollards in your residential area for car parking conveniences. In that case, you can easily focus on other points of consideration. Like materials used, type of parking bollard, service providers’ details, maintenance costs, etc. If you find all of the above factors satisfying enough. You can quickly go through the installation process of the bollards.

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