4 Signs You Need a Plumber Right Now!


Sydney is one of the most fabulous cities in the world. But if you had lived here, you’d know that it is one of the costliest cities as well. Whether you live in the Upper or Lower North Shore area, the average monthly cost of living for a family of four is approximately around A$5,115.72, and that’s without rent!

That is why choosing a professionally trained plumber in Upper North Shore Sydney is the wise thing to do when you run into plumbing trouble that won’t kick the bucket!

Why Do You Need to Make That Call?

You might think if the cost of living is so high, would it not be a better idea to try and cut costs by taking care of plumbing issues at home? Agreeably, it does seem counterintuitive. And you can indeed tackle rudimentary plumbing issues at home. But there are two main factors that you should always consider before taking DIY measures at home –


Safety becomes a critical concern, specifically when dealing with issues related to electricity and gas. The risks in these cases are comparatively high because a wrong step could lead to instances of electrocution or explosion.


In some cases, you would save money by fixing the issue using self-bought materials from the store. But if you are unsuccessful, this could end up costing you more money in the end.

The following list has been formulated to give you a better idea of when to avail the services of a professional plumber in Upper North Shore Sydney.

  1. Gurgling Sound

While there may be many types of sounds that emanate from household pipelines, if you hear a distinct gurgling sound every time you draw water from a tap, it could be something problematic. Gurgling sounds are a result of a plumbing system trying to find air. If the sound persists, this could lead to water backflow.

  1. Smelling Gas?

If you smell gas in the house, do not take it lightly. The most apparent source of a gas leak is an unlit stove. But in case it is not so, and you are unable to find the origin of the leak, immediately contact a plumber. Open the windows and doors while you await their arrival and switch off all appliances in the house for safety purposes.

  1. The Sound of Water 

If you notice the sound of water running through the pipes or in your toilet even when no one is using any facilities, chances are there is a leakage in the pipes. Such leakages can result in brown or wet spots on the floor, ceiling or walls.

The leak might be more severe and rapid in some unfortunate cases, leaving behind a flood of water overflowing into the living space. In such cases, immediately turn off the main water shut-off valve of the house before calling a plumber.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in faucets and showerheads mainly occurs through the accumulation of minerals and gunk. It is a prevalent problem in hard water areas. But something easily manageable. If the showerhead has a rubber faceplate, you can soak it in vinegar for some time to remove all impediments. A metal faceplate can be cleaned using any tool having a sharp and pointed edge.

But if cleaning the showerhead does not help, you may require professional assistance as it could mean several things, including an eroded or fractured waterline.

What a wonderful world it would have been if all our plumbing issues could have automatically taken care of themselves! But unfortunately, they don’t. So, call for professional help when you feel the need for it.

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