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4 Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Sprinkle Elegance Over Your Own Home Bathroom

Your bathroom at home can be the best bathroom you will ever know! With a luxury bathroom inside your own abode, you might not want to leave the toilet!

It is a goal for many homeowners to have an elegant, smart, and gorgeous bathroom within their residence. They are not merely for bragging or visual aestheticism but more importantly for totally comfortable usage and definitely a great value of your home!

Luxury bathrooms usually have the same things you see in standard bathrooms. The difference is that they are deluxe. Every material is dear and of high-end quality. Experts who construct and design them are renowned and fully adept! From the littlest to the biggest details, everything is stately. Of course, if you want a luxury bathroom, you have to spend quite luxuriously. Nonetheless, the resulting quality will be something you won’t regret!

To help you decide on blitzing up your current bathroom or soon-to-be constructed deluxe lavatory, here are 4 luxury bathroom ideas to take note of!



The glory of nature can inspire your luxury bathroom. Brown and green being one of nature’s primary colors can be weaved together for a stunning comfort room style.

A very magnetizing feature of this idea is the big multi circle mirror that lets you stare at it a little longer. The green backsplash made of broken pieces of shell tiles peps up the fabulous bathroom look. The vibe that brown and green forms are somehow dim, so the hanging pendant lighting decors that look like mere ornaments from afar actually illuminate the place. The lighting comes from the sides instead of from the back of the mirror-like what many homeowners choose.

The green backsplash reaches to the floor, and it plays an important part in emphasizing the vanity area. Because the countertop is pitch black, take advantage of its richness by installing a white or light ceramic basin like the one above. The form and shape are somewhat irregularly smooth.

This bathroom idea displays a big value for space. As much as possible, the decors are not separate pieces of items but are already installed on walls and ceilings. One of the proofs aside from the backsplash is the wall with a portrait seamlessly deep-seated on it. The mini side table is peculiar on its own though it is the only marble item in the bathroom. You can place essential oils and flower vases on top of it because the countertop might be overly decorated already.

You have to choose an adept new home builder and interior designer to achieve this look because the backsplash could not fail if you really want to achieve this deluxe style. A lighter green will also look if you want to avoid making the bathroom a bit dark.


Matte beauty

When talking about luxurious bathroom styles, you cannot leave out the matte beauty. Just because it’s not bright and shining does not mean it’s not deluxe.

The bathroom idea shown in the picture is one of the pieces of evidence that luxuriousness can also come plainly. The simplicity and smoothness of this style are comforting. Just when you want a relaxing and peaceful aura for your bathroom, here is matte showing you what you are looking for. From the walls to the mirror, matte is evident.

The prowess of matte is that it gives a warm and luxurious feel in the bathroom. As the location of the comfort room receives direct sunlight, the matte paint on the walls and other items in the room works really well. Touching up is more convenient too.

Vanity lighting is paid great attention to this idea. The lighting fixtures are installed above the mirror. If you will choose to do this though, make sure that they are properly installed and situated relative to the sunlight’s source.

As for the flooring, the tigerwood hardwood flooring fits nicely with this style. In a way, its rough look contrasts the smooth look of the walls. Additionally, this flooring type is very durable. Its natural polish is the perfect match for brown matte.

Finally, to beautify your home with a luxury bathroom, setting a flower vase with delicate flowers on top of the toilet bowl will do. When you don’t prefer a countertop, a pedestal sink is best. It’s space-saving, so you can put other stuff in the bathroom!


deluxe scintillation

Wood, flesh, and white with the caress of light partner up for scintillation to rise up!

As you can see, the bathroom itself is wide and spacious, and that could put pressure on filling up space with relevant items. But worry no more because, for this inspection, all the nooks are given a useful worth.

All the lower portions of the bathroom are made colored fleshy or brown. Except for the shower area, the tiles are non-slip which is generally safe since you have to move and walk around to go from one point to another.

For the shower area, the floor outside the exact shower spot is a solid wooden floor which can be Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, or any which your new home builder highly recommends. A teak wooden floor is best for the shower room. A glass cubicle will be ideal to showcase the sleek teak in there and to emphasize the wide bathroom space.

Honestly, this luxury bathroom style is quite simple, but what makes it really splendid is the setting up of cutwork floor lamps. You may have them in ceramic, metal, or even paper. Just make sure they are located in areas that won’t be kicked away.

Although the walls are plainly solid white, the corner windows give a breathing space for the eyes. The black borders of them make them another good highlight!


marble madness

You almost cannot talk about luxury bathrooms without mentioning marble.

Dainty and timeless, marble is the matchless construction material for homes. Many homeowners just adore it for its chic and resplendent look! For your bathroom to be enclosed with marble walls and marble floors, you surely can get that royal feeling!

The fulsomeness of marble walls gives the contemporary minimalist aura! It is without a doubt a luxury. Deluxe bathrooms with light-colored marble walls are glowing and sheeny.

For the inspiration shown above, the walls are a harmonious blend of white and gold. In contrast, the floor is colored with shades of brown. There is a long bathroom shelf above the tub. Some may not prefer a big space for their hygiene items because they don’t want to put a lot of ‘mess’, but many like this style because of functionality. The walls and floors are decorated and lively enough, so other ornaments are not anymore very much necessary. A few framed artworks that match the wall and a single vase of flowers are fine to give different depths in the bathroom.

Pep up the lighting game with an elegant wall light beside the mirrors.


Your bathroom dreams can become a reality! Deluxe bathrooms are the best in look, quality, and timeliness. Though the spendings will be quite heavy for your pocket, it will be a long-lasting investment you won’t shake your head for! 


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