10 Ways How Poor Oral Health Affects the Entire Body?

Your overall health is reflected a lot by your present oral health. The body has a direct and strong connection with dental issues. For your digestive tract and respiratory tract, the entry point is your mouth. So, you need to stop the harmful invaders present outside from entering the gateway. In order to control the breeding of the bacteria in our mouths, we brush and floss our teeth. However, there can be an increase in the breeding of bacteria if there are any relapses in the above-mentioned activities. Tooth decay and several other gum diseases can occur because of this. To stop the microbes’ multiplication by restricting the flow of saliva you can take the help of certain medications. Now I will describe 10 ways about how poor oral health affects the entire body.

Oral health

1. Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia –

If a number of harmful agents and bacteria come in contact with the brain then these types of diseases occur. A memory loss as a result of weak nerve cells occurs because of these powerful bacteria.

2. Cancer –

Cancer and gum diseases are strongly correlated with each other. Oropharyngeal cancer and pancreatic cancer can occur if your oral hygiene is poor. The medical experts are still trying to confirm the factors responsible for this.

3. Diabetes –

Mouth inflammation can occur because of periodontal disease. The sugar processing ability of the body gets compromised because of this. In the body, the level of blood sugar can get increased if this condition continues.

4. Pneumonia –

Reaching the lungs after traveling from the mouth is possible for the bacteria. Pneumonia and some other respiratory issues can occur because of this. So, everyday brushing and flossing of the teeth are necessary.

5. Pregnancy complications –

After undergoing a procedure of tooth implant, some pregnancy complications have been experienced by a number of women. If post-implant care is poor then it happens. Premature birth and low birth weight can occur because of this.

6. Cardiovascular diseases –

It has been found that cardiovascular disorders can occur to anybody because of poor oral health. Heart attacks, various heart diseases, and clogged arteries can occur as a result of this.

7. Endocarditis –

The heart chamber valves have some inner linings. If in these inner linings an infection happens then we call it endocarditis. When the bacteria enter the mouth, reaches the blood flow, multiplies there, and affects the heart then this occurs. You need to treat it immediately. Otherwise, a lethal infection can occur.

8. Rheumatoid arthritis –

The chances of rheumatoid arthritis are 4 times more in individuals having gum disease. Inflammation occurs in both diseases. The body gets inflamed because of gingivitis which occurs because of oral bacteria. Rheumatoid arthritis gets developed as a result of this. It is an inflammatory disease and a lot of pain occurs because of this.

9. Erectile dysfunction –

Erectile dysfunction can occur in a man because of poor oral health. There is a close relationship between erectile dysfunction and severe periodontal disease. If from the teeth, the gums are pulled away then chronic periodontal disease occurs. As a result of this, in the bone present around the teeth, bacteria can occur. In the bloodstream, the diseased gums can release the bacteria. Because of this, inflammation of blood vessels can occur. Now the genital can face problems in receiving the proper blood as a result of inflamed blood vessels. It can create difficulty in erections.

10. Kidney disease –

Kidney diseases can occur because of periodontal diseases in the body. Blood pressure, bones, heart, and kidneys are affected as a result of severe kidney diseases. Immune systems are weaker in individuals having gum diseases. Infections can occur because of this. Kidney diseases also occur in individuals having poor oral health. Cardiovascular disease and kidney failure can occur because of kidney disease and it can lead to death.

Oral Health

Some more complications

      Advanced Periodontitis can occur because of a gum infection. Falling of the teeth as a result of loosening can occur.

      If because of oral conditions and dental problems you refrain from social activities and hide then the brain can have a detrimental impact as a result of this.

For your body’s health the window is the mouth. In the body, several health problems can occur if bacteria enter your mouth. Osteoporosis can also occur because of poor oral hygiene. For improving your oral health you need to visit the dentist nearby.

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